Legal Matters: Positive Thinking About the Single Equality Act

As businesses continue to adapt to the Equality Act, our Founder Samantha Lee explains what Act means for you and your organisation.

The Single Equality Bill completed its journey through the course of the legislative process at the end of the last parliament, finally becoming the Equality Act 2010.

The bill signaled a sea change for British employers, as it established higher quality standards in the workplace and an imminent step forward for organisations.

Primarily affected will be the public sector but the private sector should embrace this legislation if it wants its business to move forward.

Running a business and managing teams of people is challenging at the best of times especially for small to medium sized businesses. Partner this, with new legislative procedures coming into place shortly.

Any business at the moment will be wondering about the cost of training, however there is funding out there, and if you have 2 managers or key personnel who you may think may need training there are options for your business.

It shouldn’t be seen as a negative and more of a positive; business considerations have to be drivers, such as the procurement process and also strategies for improvement to be proactive and not reactive within discrimination both internally and externally for an organisation.

If you would like to find out more about the Act, how to affects your organisation and how to positively benefit from it, simply contact one of the team today (you can call 0800 031 9181 or use the contact form on the contact us page).

About Ora Training

We help our clients to get the very most from The Equality Act. Crucially, we take a very different approach to other training providers as we won’t lecture you on what you can’t do but identify positive things can you can do to improve your organisation. We start by listening to you and learning about your organisation and subsequently devise a bespoke training solution for you.

Consistent with our core values of sustainability and fairness, we achieve positive, long-term change by empowering organisations and teams. This is because we passionately believe that an organisation can only change when all staff members are empowered to create change. We call this process achieving equality through empowerment. We provide this outcome to clients from a range of sectors including the business, governmental and voluntary sectors.

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