We Proudly Achieve Positive, Long-Term Change by Empowering Organisations and Teams
Through Our Innovative Equality Training Programme

About Us

At Ora Training, we help businesses, public bodies and charities to get the most possible from The Equality Act.  We focus on empowering people positively, rather than focusing on what ‘not to do’.


SamProfilePictureOra Training was founded by Samantha Lee in 2013 with the single objective of helping as many people as possible to constructively implement and benefit from the new Equality Act.


Our founder Sam has been providing equality and diversity services since the introduction of the current Equality Act and has a track record of success in equality training, workshops, 1-2-1 support and consultancy services.


Sam was one of the very first movers in the field of equality and diversity and has devised a wide range of both strategic and practical solutions to issues germane to quality and diversity.


A true thought leader in the industry, Sam had a regular column in Business Daily and has advised a multiplicity of organisations and delivered training to a wide range of groups.


You can also read more of Sam’s ideas on this website under the Resources section, including articles on understanding the Equality Act and how to implement lasting, positive change in this field.


Based upon her vast experience in the field and reflecting upon the great many training solutions delivered to a wide range of groups over the years, Sam has devised brand-new programmes for clients of Ora Training.


These programmes are suitable for businesses, government bodies and not-for-profit organisations. Training can be provided for large or small groups, and for managers and/or front line staff.


Our programmes provide an understanding of the Equality Act together with practical measures that any organisation can implement, allowing them to benefit in the following ways:


  • Practically identify how the Equality Act can benefit your organisation
  • Attract diverse, hard-to-reach customers/ service users & win more bids
  • Promote & constructively benefit from best practice approaches
  • Proactive, encouraging & practical ‘jargon free’ training
  • Gain transferrable skills & improve working relationships
  • Increase workplace environments, moral & productivity
  • Leaving your workforce better-related, inspired & empowered


We are proud to say that we achieve positive, long-term change by empowering organisations and teams through our training programmes.

We hope you will feel that this is the type of training solution that you are looking for in your organisation.

In this case, we find that the most appropriate next step is for us to informally, and without obligation, discuss your needs in more detail.

We will listen to you, review your requirements and recommend the most appropriate solution for you.

To do this, simply contact a member of the team today (you can call 0800 031 9181 or use the contact form on the contact us page).


About Ora Training

We help our clients to get the very most from The Equality Act. Crucially, we take a very different approach to other training providers as we won’t lecture you on what you can’t do but identify positive things can you can do to improve your organisation. We start by listening to you and learning about your organisation and subsequently devise a bespoke training solution for you.

Consistent with our core values of sustainability and fairness, we achieve positive, long-term change by empowering organisations and teams. This is because we passionately believe that an organisation can only change when all staff members are empowered to create change. We call this process achieving equality through empowerment. We provide this outcome to clients from a range of sectors including the business, governmental and voluntary sectors.

Introducing Ora Training

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We would be delighted to hear from you. You can contact us in the following ways

Tel: 0800 031 9181

Email: Send us a message via the contact form on the Contact Us page.

Address: 70 Cleveland Road North Shields North Tyneside NE29 0NT

Ora Training Limited is a Company Registered in England and Wales, Number 09109869

We look forward to hearing from you.