A Sense of Belonging…

Our founder and equality and diversity Samantha Lee highlights the importance of ‘a sense of belonging’ in both the workplace and wider society.

Psychologists have identified six basic needs considered essential in order for people to achieve true wellbeing.

These are physical and emotional security, economic stability, recognition of their worth, control over their lives and a sense of belonging in any given situation.

I believe that if we feel we live on the margins of society we live in the most vulnerable position of all.

The sense of not belonging in the UK is huge. The divide of ‘them and us’ is massive and seemingly unsurpassable. Although it can be tempting to ignore our fundamental needs we cannot deny them.

If we look at how the majority of society feels there is a lack of connection in modern times and a feeling of being dislocated from one another – a sense of not belonging.

Various points of difference can contribute to individuals feeling alienated from their families, communities or colleagues. These include religion, age, race, sexual orientation and disability.

By addressing prejudice and educating people on diversity it’s possible to eliminate feelings of marginalisation and enable individuals to lead more contented and productive lives.

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About Ora Training

We help our clients to get the very most from The Equality Act. Crucially, we take a very different approach to other training providers as we won’t lecture you on what you can’t do but identify positive things can you can do to improve your organisation. We start by listening to you and learning about your organisation and subsequently devise a bespoke training solution for you.

Consistent with our core values of sustainability and fairness, we achieve positive, long-term change by empowering organisations and teams. This is because we passionately believe that an organisation can only change when all staff members are empowered to create change. We call this process achieving equality through empowerment. We provide this outcome to clients from a range of sectors including the business, governmental and voluntary sectors.

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