A Life at Work

Remember when we were young and thoughts of Grange Hill and Dr Who (the old one!) overwhelmed any thoughts of strategy, focus, implementation, business development and deployment?

When the jargon we used with our friends was slightly more Star Trek, gobstoppers and Crunchies, things seemed seamless and easy. These days, our opening lines in the world of work aren’t quite the same as what would be relevant as when we were children.

However one thing remains – equality. It’s not the same as when we were younger – thankfully it’s moved on to something more age appropriate for the world of work.

Yet while equality and fairness as a child seems quite straightforward and honest, as we get older unfortunately it has a scarier ring to it, full of decibels of political correctness.

As children, we had a more optimistic (or perhaps naive) view of the world and equality wasn’t really an issue that we had to think about.

But entering the world of work brings with it all sorts of things that we as children could never have imagined, and as grown-ups it can often be difficult to communicate the things we visualize.

Like implementing equality within an organization. How does that work? How do we get one person to put a strategy or vision into place to eventually make better business?

Or development – how to be a better leader and communicating that message of equality to your team to ensure they are aware of the need for equality?

And in a wider sense, how equality can impact upon your company’s direction and the overall business?

There is a solution that addresses these questions. We are here to help you do exactly this. If you would like to informally discuss how we can help you,  simply call 0800 031 9181 or use the contact form on the contact us page.

About Ora Training

We help our clients to get the very most from The Equality Act. Crucially, we take a very different approach to other training providers as we won’t lecture you on what you can’t do but identify positive things can you can do to improve your organisation. We start by listening to you and learning about your organisation and subsequently devise a bespoke training solution for you.

Consistent with our core values of sustainability and fairness, we achieve positive, long-term change by empowering organisations and teams. This is because we passionately believe that an organisation can only change when all staff members are empowered to create change. We call this process achieving equality through empowerment. We provide this outcome to clients from a range of sectors including the business, governmental and voluntary sectors.

Introducing Ora Training

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